People with special needs get a Night to Shine bright

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LITTLE HOCKING, Ohio (WTAP) - It was a Night to Shine, and a night to remember.

“It’s amazing. They have a bunch of activities, there’s dancing, you get crowned, everyone gets crowned. People like us get to feel special and spend time with other people like us, and it’s amazing,” said. Rebecca Spencer, an honored guest.

The Porterfield Baptist Church in Little Hocking partnered up with the Tim Tebow Foundation and Warren High School for the second year in a row to give those with special needs a night much like prom.

“I do it, because I feel it’s an important role like, as a softball player, in the community, in the school. It’s important to represent Warren and the community as a great place to be,” Mackenzie Nelson, a Warren High School student.

But it was more than just a dance and a nice meal, there were activities and a red carpet with paparazzi.

“Just to watch their faces to see the excitement they have. To get them all hyped up, and let them see they really matter to us. It’s really cool to give the community that experience,” said Ethan Lamb, a volunteer on the red carpet.

Adding to the feeling of celebrity, honored guests were invited to get ready at St. Ambrose Catholic Church just a short drive up the road and then they were treated to a limo ride to Porterfield Baptist.

“The limousine, the best. It’s fun,” said James Scott, an honored guest.

Smiles lit the faces of nearly everyone in attendance.

“You have the time of your life. You get to meet new people, you get to dress up if you never had a prom or never been to a prom. I think anyone who ever comes here will have time of their lives,” said Spencer.

“I love it and everybody’s treated other people nice,” said Marsha Hill, an honored guest.

And night was still young when Jacob Kaufman popped the question.

“I fall in love with you, babe. Do you want to get married with me babe?” said Jacob Kaufman, an honored guest.

She said yes.