North Hills celebrates Independence Day

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NORTH HILLS, W.Va.-(WTAP) The people in the town of North Hills don't need marching bands and huge floats to put on a Fourth of July parade.


But as simple-and brief-as it is, the Independence Day parade, the latest edition of which was held Thursday morning, is an annual tradition in the community.

Children and their parents were the marchers and manned the floats, most of which were as simple as the kids' red wagons and toy four-wheelers.

One resident tells us it's all about celebrating America's independence-and having a good time.

"Every minute is probably worth an hour (of preparation) into it, but it's worth every second," said Amy Jackson. "It's probably like fireworks; it's the same idea. It brings us together, and I don't think a super-long event would be great for the kids, anyway. I think they just want to get to the popsicles."

Jackson was referring to the popsicles served after the parade, because, even at 10 A.M., it was quite humid out.

Prizes also were handed out for the best floats and costumes.

The Independence Day parade has been held there for more than 20 years.