O'Neill Center delivering groceries to seniors in Washington County

MARIETTA, Ohio The O'Neill Center had to close its doors to seniors during the pandemic but they still wanted to find ways to help.

"So, we had to find a creative way to help seniors, that’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to step out there and help and make sure they have what they need," said Connie Huntsman, O'Neill Center, executive director.

The O'Neill Center is partnering with the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley and Settlers Bank to deliver groceries to seniors bi-weekly.

United Way will also be rewarding the O'Neill Center with the $5000 dollars, Wednesday through the Game Changer program sponsored by DuPont.

"They surveyed the need band just stepped up and filled that gap and we're excited to nbe able to partner with them during this time," said Stacy DeCicco, United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley, executive director.

Settlers Bank is a small bank in the community, but organizers say they are happy to help.

"So we look to do things in our community to impact the community and because a good deal of our patrons are seniors we were very interested in helping out those seniors," said Laura Miller, Settlers Bank, marketing director.

The partnership will allow 130 seniors to receive groceries twice a month. The O'Neill Center is also handling deliveries for Joe Momma's Kitchen, Jeremiah's Coffee House and Community Action, Monday through Friday. The organizations are able to feed hundreds of seniors weekly.

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