Oak Grove VFD seeks paid EMS service

Oak Grove, OH (WTAP)-- The Oak Grove Volunteer Fire Department is proposing to pay its EMTs and paramedics during the week.

Like so many other volunteer fire departments, it's having trouble gaining volunteers to help with runs, especially during the work week.

Other departments have implemented a levy to pay their EMS.

Oak Grove is proposing something similar, but is open to suggestions for funding.

The average $100-thousand dollar home would pay $115 annually under the proposal.

"With most people having to work out of the household-- both people-- we don't have a lot of volunteers during the daytime," explains Fire Chief Jim Mason. "Most people are working so we have a lot of calls that aren't being made during those hours."

A public meeting to discuss the proposal attracted six dozen citizens Monday evening.

The proposal is for three full time and one part time to cover 12 hour shifts, 5 days a week.

The question would appear on the March ballot for approval.

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