Officials warn of dangerous drug in the Mid-Ohio Valley

WOOD COUNTY, W.Va. (WTAP) - The Wood County Sheriff's Office is warning the public after three overdose deaths in seven days.

Sheriff Steve Stephens says in 2019, there have already been four overdose calls to 911, three of which resulted in death.

He says this means there is a load of drugs in town right now that is very hot and dangerous, likely laced with fentanyl causing a quick fatality rate.

He says, “The drug task force is working on this case. They know what's going on, I talked to the director [Monday] and they're being proactive trying to get to the root of it.”

Just last week we reported that overdose death numbers were up in Wood County from fifteen in 2017 to twenty three in 2018. However, the number of 911 overdose calls in the county dropped by 100.

“But I just thought it was very important to get the word out to the public and not only to the addicts and the abusers but to their family and friends that can maybe keep them from making that fatal mistake.” Stephens adds.

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