Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine calls for statewide standards on police chases

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Ohio Governor Mike Dewine called on a state law enforcement advisory board to develop statewide standards for police chases Monday.

Currently, state law requires all law enforcement agencies in Ohio to have vehicular pursuit polices, but it does not define exact standards.

Dewine said his request to the Ohio Collaborative Community Police Advisory Board is to create consistency across jurisdictions and increase public safety.

Marietta Police chief Rodney Hupp said they already follow strict national standards.

"Marietta Police department and some of the surrounding agencies in this area have already far exceeded that," he said, "and have policies in place that...if the governor goes ahead with it and it's put into effect, will already be far beyond the minimal standards that he is asking for."

Gov. Dewine's office said the state cannot force local departments to adopt the standards, but those that don't could be made more liable in lawsuits that involve police chases.