Ohio Lieutenant Governor discusses job training in Marietta

Image: Ohio Governor's Office
Image: Ohio Governor's Office(WTAP)
Published: Mar. 1, 2019 at 12:14 PM EST
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3/1/2019 5:10 P.M.

Even before they seek higher education, some local high school students are getting experience that could lead to full-time jobs.

Jared Farnsworth had an internship in wastewater management.

"I went to the wastewater department the other day," said the Marietta High School Senior, "and the superintendent was asking me questions about operating this mapping system that I use."

Ohio Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted is spreading the message: you don't have to get a four-year college degree to get a good job. The construction industry, he says, faces attrition in the years to come, due to retirements.

"We need to make sure we have the people to do it," Husted said during a stop in Marietta Friday that included a roundtable discussion and a visit to Washington State Community College. "If we don't, we need to bring in people from other states. We want to help the people who live right here get the skills they need to go to wok."

Husted says instruction is available through career centers, community colleges, even high school

But Noble Local School Superintendent Dan Leffingwell said the problem for his district is access.

"You have an hour drive sometimes to get to the school, and our career center is located another hour east of there."

And a small industrial business in Barlow would like to see high school graduate hires.

But Micro Machine Works owner Linn Yost adds, "We need more support in our local school systems financially, to put the staff on to teach what we need."

But, as with many hires, businesses are seeking people with the right training.

"The jobs that are being created require specific job skills," said Husted. Anybody is capable of getting them, but you've got to get into the program, you've got enroll, you've got to get out there."


College isn't the only route to a job, according to Ohio's Lieutenant Governor.

Jon Husted spoke to educators and small business owners, encouraging high school students and their parents to seek skilled labor jobs that are available for high school graduates.

The Lieutenant Governor hosted a roundtable of local educators and small businesses before touring Washington State Community College.

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