UPDATE: Sen. Sherrod Brown: I would do well against President Trump if I ran against him

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Another Democrat looks to be contemplating a run for president in 2020.

Speaking Saturday on CNN's "Van Jones Show", Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio says he's still weighing a presidential bid with his family.

But he expressed confidence that he could beat President Trump in two critical states.

"I would say that I will beat Trump in Ohio, where they know me best, and I'll beat him in my home state. I'll beat him in his home state of New York, where they know him best,” the senator said.

Brown also says it is, quote, "self-evident" that the president is a racist who lies a lot.

As far as a 2020 run, Brown says he likes the diversity and energy of the current democratic field.

He added that he will go on a listening tour in four early primary states.

UPDATE: 12/15/18

Ohio's Democratic U.S. senator plans an online town hall Sunday as he considers running for president in 2020.

Sherrod Brown of Cleveland is coming off a decisive re-election victory in November that helped bring him national attention as a potential national candidate. Brown says his message is on "the dignity of work" and fighting for workers without compromising progressive values.

He also says his Ohio victory shows that approach works. That's because it came on an otherwise dismal day for Democrats in statewide and congressional elections in a state Republican Donald Trump carried handily in 2016.

Brown is one of dozens of Democrats who are considered possible 2020 candidates.

His Facebook town hall is aimed at people nationwide and is set for Sunday at 4 p.m. EST.

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UPDATE: 11/18/18

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown says if he decides to run for president in 2020, he will focus on what he calls the dignity of work.

He made that comment Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press.

"Election night and after the election, Connie and I heard from so many people around the country, including some, a lot of labor activists, a lot of democratic party activists a lot of citizens that think that a message, not just a message, but a career fighting for workers, where the dignity, I won my election, because I talk about the dignity of work, whether you swipe a badge, or punch a clock, whether you work for tips, or whether you work on a salary, whether you're taking care of parents and aging parents or raising children, we don't pay enough attention to the dignity of work. Too many people in this country work hard every day. Pay their dues. Never get ahead. Don't have the kind of retirement security they should. That's why I won Ohio. Whether I run or not, I'm hopeful that narrative, that message, begins to be a part of the narrative, among my colleagues, who want to be president, who have dreamed of it, frankly, for longer than I have," Sen. Brown said.

Brown was recently re-elected to a third term in the U.S. Senate.


U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, one of the winningest Democrats in Ohio history, says he is seriously considering a 2020 presidential run.

Brown previously played down interest in joining what's expected to be a crowded Democratic field. However, he acknowledged in multiple interviews on Monday that he's being encouraged to run.

Brown told the Associated Press that encouragement is coming from national Democratic Party figures.

The 65-year-old politician led all Ohio vote-getters Nov. 6 to win re-election to a third Senate term even as Republicans swept other key statewide offices.

Brown said his election shows "a strong progressive" can win. He called his campaign "a blueprint for our nation in 2020."

Brown said he will discuss 2020 with his wife and other family members before deciding "in the next couple months."

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