Ohio University's Marching 110 starts their 52nd year

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ATHENS, Ohio. (WTAP) - Ohio University’s Marching 110 gathered at Pruitt Field Wednesday evening for preseason training.

Though it was previously known as the Marching Men of Ohio, the women inclusive Marching 110 is entering its 52nd year. And this year, they have their first ever female field commander.

In their second day of preseason training, The 110 ran through part of their disco show for the first time.

Members of the band say training is intense, but it’s worth it to be a part of the band.

“It’s very stressful, a lot of hours put in every, you know, every day. We rarely go a day without meeting. And, it’s stressful, but it pays off. We love, I think we feed off the crowd more than anything. And it’s just a great feeling when a show comes together,” said Ethan Marting, a trumpeter.