68 pounds of medical marijuana sold so far in Ohio

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Officials said 68 pounds of medical marijuana has been sold since a handful of dispensaries opened in Ohio in mid-January.

The Toledo Blade newspaper reported that Commerce Department official Mark Hamlin said the cost for all that pot comes to about $500,000. That's an average of $460 an ounce.

About a half-dozen of the 56 dispensaries granted state licenses have opened.

People with one of 21 qualifying conditions can buy medical marijuana with a physician's recommendation. The Ohio Board of Pharmacy said 17,000 people have received the recommendations.

Only marijuana buds are currently available at dispensaries. Hamlin said other cannabis products should be ready for sale in March.


Four dispensaries are ready to begin selling medical marijuana for the first time in Ohio.

Two of the dispensaries opening Wednesday morning are in Wintersville, outside Steubenville. The other two dispensaries set to open are in Sandusky and Canton.

A fifth dispensary in the city of Wickliffe, outside Cleveland, is expected to open later this week.

The only products currently available for sale are plant material, known as flowers or buds, that state law allows to be vaporized but not smoked.

Other products, such as edibles, tinctures and lotions won't become available until marijuana-processing facilities are operational.

People are eligible to buy medical marijuana with a doctor's recommendation for one of 21 qualifying medical conditions.

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Medical marijuana dispensaries plan to set-up shop at 56 sites approved Monday by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.

Locations include Washington and Athens counties.

Provisional license winners have six months to meet all requirements before they can open their doors to consumers. A total of 376 applications were received.

Cannascend Alternative, LLC is planning to set up at 414 Greene Street in Marietta and Harvest of Ohio, LLC is looking to make its way to 711 West Union Street in Athens.

Ohio's 2016 medical marijuana law says the program must begin Sept. 8.

Also Monday, the board launched a toll-free medical marijuana help-line for patients, caregivers and health professionals. The number is 833-464-6627.

Distribution facilities are not allowed within 500 feet of schools or churches.

Qualified patients must be registered, and have to get a recommendation from a state-approved list of physicians.

Application, licensing, and renewal fees are expected to pour millions of dollars into the government.

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