Ohio police department feeds TSA workers during shutdown

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CINCINNATI, Ohio (NBC) - Cincinnati Police say they're taking care of their own by feeding TSA workers at the airport on Friday.

Armed with fried chicken and all the sides, Cincinnati Police officers showed up at the airport in force. They fed the front-line workers who are keeping the flying public safe, even though they aren't currently getting paid due to the shutdown.

Sergeant Eric Franz asked his colleagues in Cincinnati to donate money for Friday's lunch after seeing a TSA worker in another city talk about the impact of the shutdown.

Sgt. Eric Franz, from the CPD, said, "These are law enforcement. They're federal law enforcement, but they're law enforcement. And we stand together united across the country whenever anybody gets hurt. So this is our opportunity to give back."

Before Friday's lunch, a shutdown food pantry had already been established. Workers are able to take canned goods and personal hygiene items if needed.

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