Ohio senate bill proposes legalizing fireworks use

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OHIO With another Fourth of July holiday approaching, it's another attempt in the Ohio legislature to legalize the use of fireworks in the state.

Senate Bill 72 was introduced earlier this year and would allow fireworks to be discharged in the Buckeye state. Currently, you can buy fireworks in Ohio but can't use them with the exception of novelty products like sparklers.

Local law enforcement says the current laws are generic and vague and this bill could actually help with enforcement of fireworks.

"What it would do is it would actually break down some of the usages of the fireworks," Washington County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Kevin Hornbeck said, "and how they're purchased and it would codify them and give us some teeth in actually charging someone with having them."

The bill would also allow local municipalities to come up with their own laws to regulate when and where you could use fireworks.

In West Virginia, firework laws were expanded in 2016 to include consumer use of all products.