Octoberfest comes to an end in Lowell

LOWELL, Ohio (WTAP) - Sunday was the last day for the 44th annual Octoberfest in Lowell and the rainy weather did not stop the show.

The festival is all about the community coming out and celebrating German heritage and eating good food.

People of all ages attended and the proceeds made from the festival will stay in the Lowell community to make sure Buell island is maintained.

"We have a lot of nonprofit organizations that come here to set up and they make money to really put back into this community," said Harris, Lowell Fire Chief.

"It's just a good time to have some fun and enjoy what you can find to look at and enjoy the food and basically just relax and have a good time even if it is raining a little bit," said Weber, Mayor of Lowell.

Organizers say they would like to see more vendors and continue to bring new ideas next year.

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