Drug education class to be held at Belpre church Thursday night

BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP) - On Thursday, law enforcement hopes to provide the public with the tools to fight the drug epidemic.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is hosting “Operation: Street Smart” at Pioneer Presbyterian Church in Belpre.

It’s designed to teach people about current drug trends, terminology, and paraphernalia.

It’s geared towards people who have a connection to children. That way, if they’re educated, they can hopefully prevent children from going down a bad road.

“We’ve had great feedback from the community for those who've been to the others they’re always positive as to what they’ve been taught and they always enjoy it. And’s that all we can do give them the tools that they need put it out there for them and hopefully they take something back from it,” said Sgt. Joseph Kirby of Belpre Police.

It’s sponsored by the Belpre Police Department, the Washington County Behavioral Health Board, and Pioneer Presbyterian Church. It’s set for 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday. Pioneer Presbyterian Church is located at 873 Farson Street. It's open to people age 18 and over.

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