Organization works to brighten the holidays for children in shelters

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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) - In a time of giving, one organization is working to light up the lives of children in emergency shelters.

17 shelters throughout the state are getting rim lights making the game of basketball more fun and intriguing.

"It's a great gift for kids to be able to play basketball as kind of a way to be outside and be active and kind of forget about your life for a while and play," said Ruston Seamon the President of GLOgames.

The Genesis Shelter is a place for children to go to be supported by a stable and nurturing family.

The children, who range from 6 to 17 years old come to the shelter if they have no other place to go, there are truancy issues, mental health problems and more.

Staying physically active is something the shelter abides by, saying it's good for their mental health.

"We want the kids to leave us better than they came to us. So, this will help us in that it will give us another avenue, another event and another activity the kids can partake in," said Derika Bowyer, the Director of Development and Community Based Services at the Genesis Shelter.

With nearly 7,000 children in foster care, GLOgames is hoping to expand their services to continue bringing joy to those who may need it the most.

"We wanted to do good in the world. I think the foster care challenge that exists not only in our country but around the world, is very significant," said Seaman.

Through 14 sponsors, each donating to buy the light rims and get them installed, the children may find dribbling a basketball a little more exciting.

"This is kind of fun and engaging. It'll be like a new spin on it. It will reach a new demographic of youth to be able to play," said Bowyer.

'Light it up 4 kids' allows kids to play all day and all night.

Just in time for Christmas, GLOgames is making a slam dunk on the children's' lives.

"Anything we can do to give them a little bit better of a life is something we're proud of and we're glad to be a part of," said Seaman.

The program is successful through $50 sponsorship donations that pay for the rim lights and the installation fee.