PHS seniors reflect on abrupt end to final year

Published: May. 7, 2020 at 6:23 PM EDT
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It's difficult to imagine what goes through the mind of an 18-year-old student who has just had their senior year of high school snatched away from them.

Aaron and Isaac Hardy are both seniors at Parkersburg High School who were ready to graduate this month. When they first heard about the rest of their school year being canceled, they reacted with both shock and disappointment.

"You didn't believe it at first," said Isaac. "Like, you heard it, and it didn't hit you. Like, I felt like it took me a while to finally realize that it's done."

"There were a lot of activities that I was involved in that had to get cancelled as a result of it," said Aaron. Our choir trip got cancelled, the school play got cancelled."

Aaron and Isaac reflected on the things they would miss about ending their senior year. Isaac missed the idea of a "final day."

"The last day of school was something you kind of remember," Isaac said. "Our last day was, ‘Is this our last day? Is it not? Will we be back in a couple weeks?’ kind of thing. The abruptness and unexpectedness of the ending prevented us from having that, like, nice ending."

Aaron was more disappointed about plans with school falling through, and now not knowing what each day will bring.

"Before, I would know, 'Okay I'm going to have musical rehearsal after school or choir in the evening.'" Aaron said. "But now, it’s kind of not having anything planned out, not having any idea what I’m doing."

Both have exciting futures ahead of them. Isaac is off to Harding University this fall to study Math, and Aaron is heading to Lipscomb University to study Civil Engineering.

A tentative graduation has been set for June 26th for P.H.S., and Aaron and Isaac are looking forward to celebrating in-person with friends and family.

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