Parkersburg animal shelter expanding and remodeling

Published: Aug. 29, 2019 at 11:14 AM EDT
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Many dogs and cats have found their way into the Humane Society of Parkersburg's animal shelter, almost too many in fact. Luckily, the humane society is getting some much needed updates to its shelter.

After planning and fundraising for a few years, the shelter is getting an additional 3 500 square feet to accommodate the large number of animals being brought in.

“Going to be also renovating the existing shelter, so there will be new areas for intake of animals, the adoption area will be all remodeled, we’ll have a lot of new space to keep and house more animals and be able to take care of as many animals as come in for us each year,” said Katie Kelly, the shelter's manager.

Beyond the additional space to house more animals, the addition will grant healthier living space to potential pets.

“We need to separate the cats from the dogs so the cats stay healthier because keeping them stressed out, being housed with dogs gets them sick,” said Ashlie Ferrell, a shelter employee.

Cats and dogs, which currently reside next to each other, will be separated after the remodel and expansion. However there are still a lot of animals coming into the shelter.

“In the community, we have a lot of animal lovers, which is great, but we also have a lot of people who aren’t educated on spay and neutering and so there’s overpopulation,” said Kelly.

According to Kelly, spaying and neutering is actually healthier for your pets and it also keeps them from reproducing, which will keep the shelter population down.

And just because the shelter is being expanded, doesn’t mean the humane society couldn’t still use donations.

“We have been running low, constantly on Purina dog chow and Purina kitten chow, we’re getting ready to hit the second wave of kitten season and we don’t have any kitten milk, the KMR, liquid laundry soap, all those donations come in and that’s stuff we use every day,” said Ferrell.