Parkersburg Area Community Foundation awards fall grants

Published: Dec. 8, 2015 at 10:31 PM EST
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va (WTAP): Dozens of charitable organizations applauded one another Tuesday afternoon, as they listened to their upcoming projects and plans.

Parkersburg Area Community Foundation is helping these organizations complete those plans through their fall community grants.

Officials say the grant selection process takes into consideration many factors.

"We have some stated grant priorities and guidelines, but we also look at what projects are going to have broad impact, what critical community needs are out there right now and what projects are addressing those needs, what projects are going to affect the most people," said Marian Clowes, Parkersburg Area Community Foundation's Senior Program Officer.

One project that will be affecting many children is the Doddridge County School's Backpack Feeding Program.

The program sends home food bags to needy children, and officials say they can use all the grants they can get.

"Any time were able to try to get another piece of the larger budget, it's kind of a sigh of relief to know you're a little bit closer," said Jeff Harvey, Representative of Doddridge County School. "And also for us, it's a relief that we know were going to be able to feed kids another month."

Another organization that uses grants to grow their business is the Children's Listening Place.

The organization has received grants from the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation in the past, and says they owe them much of their success.

"We wouldn't have the knowledge that we have, we wouldn't be able to provide medical services to the children in our community, and it's also helping our child abuse response team work together more as a team," said Lisa Sutton, Executive Director of the Children's Listening Place. "So without them, you know, this would not be possible."

And while Parkersburg community officials say they're thrilled they're helping these organizations, they feel these organizations are helping them just as much.

"We build relationships with these organizations," said Clowes. "We're partners with these organizations. It's a partnership, truly, because our funding can only make a difference through the work that these organizations are doing."

After awarding just short of $250,000, PACF is sure to make a difference in the Parkersburg area in the very near future.

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