Parkersburg Catholic HS in-person graduation this Thursday

Published: Jun. 16, 2020 at 7:48 PM EDT
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Because of the COVID-19 shutdown, Parkersburg Catholic high school seniors, much like all of the many others in the nation, have had their school years come to a close. They've been without sports, meeting with their peers, and have had the possibility of prom being taken away as well.

Now with the pandemic regulations beginning to ease, these students are going to be given the graduation that they were supposed to have back on May 22. It will be hosted at Parkersburg High School this Thursday, where those in attendance will be following strict social distancing guidelines.

They've setup the event so that those in the audience will have rows separating each other and the graduates will be at a six-foot distance from each other when they're down on the field. There will also be sanitation stations set up to better stop the threat of spreading coronavirus.

Parkersburg Catholic admins believe that this graduation is necessary for the students as they will be getting the closure that they need during this time.