Parkersburg Council ballot appointments ruled invalid

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) Two candidate appointments to the May primary ballot for seats on Parkersburg City Council have been ruled invalid by the city attorney.

Wood County Executive Committee Chairman Roger Conley last week submitted the names of Dell Pomeroy to run for council district #5, and Austin Richards for council district #9.

But City Attorney Joe Santer ruled against the appointments, in a letter dated February 14, noting Conley, who is from Vienna, is not a resident of Parkersburg, and is not a member of the city's Republican Executive Committee.

In his letter, Santer referred amendments in the city charter made in 2016, establishing municipal executive committees, made up of member of the Wood County Executive Committees who are also residents of Parkersburg.

The appointments of Pomeroy and Richards were made to run in seats in which no Republican candidate filed during the period from January 11-25.

The decision currently leaves incumbent Democrats J.R. Carpenter (district #5) and Geoff Fox (district #9) unopposed in the fall election.