Parkersburg High School hires security guards

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 5:47 PM EST
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Parkersburg High School has hired two new security guards to man the front door and the rear parking lot during most of the school day. The school is also building what Principal Kenny DeMoss describes as a “man trap” to further prevent unwanted entry into the school.

The guards are private security hired using funds from the Local School Improvement Council. DeMoss says the funds were used for security upgrades because safety is important for student’s learning.

“Our focus has always been safety, because we feel as if kids don’t feel safe, then they will never, they will never perform at a high level,” said DeMoss.

While the guards are not armed, DeMoss says they are a deterrent. The guard at the front door is able to meet anyone as they enter the building.

DeMoss says the guards are hired through next year.

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