Parkersburg High School students building bunk beds for nearby church camp

Published: Dec. 12, 2019 at 7:34 PM EST
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Parkersburg High School students in Steve Reiner’s shop class are building beds for Crossroads United Methodist Church Camp.

“We had to replace some older material, older beds, and found they needed a project, and we had one for them,” said Darryl Tucker, Crossroads Camp Manager.

It’s not the class’s first rodeo. Reiner says a lot of churches in the area have camps that need renovating and sometimes they look to his class for help.

Rusty Kidd is a board member for Crossroads Church Camp and he frequently substitutes at PHS. He took notice of the shop students’ previous bunk bed builds and arranged the project.

“They do a tremendous job, and it’s so good for the kids to excel in other areas of school,” said Kidd.

Reiner likes having practical projects for his students to work on. He tries to teach his students skills they can use in the real world.

“I try to relate [every and all] projects to the real world, so they get real world experience. Whether it’s wood working, whether it’s carpentry, so they get an overall experience, so they can go out to the workforce,” said Reiner.

Reiner’s class doesn’t charge for their labor, but the church paid for the supplies needed to build the beds.

“It feels really good to do this, knowing that you’re helping out the community, without like charging them a lot of money for it,” said Ryan Vaughn, a junior at PHS.

The students are expected to finish and deliver the beds in the coming weeks.