Parkersburg Homecoming hosts first ever hot dog and donut eating competitions

Published: Aug. 19, 2018 at 5:51 PM EDT
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There are only a handful of things in life that will make someone a legend. Some people go a lifetime without ever having their shot at immortality. But on the final day of the Parkersburg Homecoming celebration, a select few competed for their shot at glory.

“We’re having a hot dog eating contest and a donut eating contest. Sheetz has been gracious enough to give us 160 hot dogs and McHappy’s has given us 20 dozen donuts. We wanted children to get involved- actually these are the big kids. We wanted them to be able to have something fun to do at the homecoming,” says Kristi Miller, an event organizer.

Event coordinators invited the Parkersburg South and Parkersburg High School football teams to compete in the hot dog eating contest and their bands to compete in the donut eating contest. Some competitors found modesty to be the best approach.

“A lot of my friends can put away a lot of food, especially the girl for PHS is really gonna hammer it down so we’ll see if I can beat her and a couple of my friends,” says Dayne Hess, a Parkersburg High School student.

Others, opted for confidence.

“I always finish dinner first at the dinner table, so I imagine I can do this easy,” says South sophomore Gabe Hendershot.

With only a few minutes on the clock, competitors ate for their honor at Point Park Amphitheatre. Hot dog competitors had 10 minutes in the first round and after a tie, three advanced to a tie breaker. Donut downers had 5 minutes to consume as much as possible.

As with all contests, only two rose to the top.

Each competitor showed remarkable mental toughness in the face of adversity.

“I just had to keep on pushing and push through it I guess. Thought I was going to puke a couple times but it didn’t happen,” explains Dalton Fullerton, the hot dog eating champion.

“I feel full that’s for sure. I don’t have a lot of trophies at home so this one is going to be in the middle that’s for sure,” says Hess.

Others are already strategizing for next year.

“I think I came in a little bit too confident. Now that I know what to do, know what I need to prepare for, just gotta- preparedness. That’s all I need you know?” explains Hendershot.

As the students revel in their accomplishments, they can rest well knowing that they are the first ever champions of the Parkersburg hot dog and donut eating competitions.