Parkersburg Rotary turns 100 in March

PARKERSBURG W.Va, (WTAP)- The club charter was issued in March of 1919.

At their meeting Monday, The Parkersburg News and Sentinel spoke to discuss the publication that will run on March 1st.

Devoted to networking, integrity, public service, and more, the club feels that their mission remains the same.

“It’s an international community and it begins to open your eyes to the problems of the world and the solutions,” says Priscilla Leavitt, a Parkersburg Rotarian.

“I don’t know that it’s changed so much from a philosophy standpoint. We have such an impact, not only on our community, on our state, the United States, the globe. We’re a mission driven organization. We look for needs and we try to meet those needs, and that’s why I love being a Rotarian. Because we’re so active and the impact that we have is just fantastic,” Andy Hartleben, the President of the Parkersburg Rotary.

The group holds weekly meetings with different guest speakers every Monday at the Blennerhasset hotel.

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