Parkersburg asking for comments on comprehensive plan

Published: Jan. 23, 2020 at 5:42 PM EST
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UPDATE: 01/30/2020

The "Igniting our Future" workshop was held at the Parkersburg Art Center on Thursday evening.

This open house gave residents of Parkersburg the opportunity to voice concerns, and give solutions they want to see for their city and help city officials develop further the Comprehensive Plan, which is a vision for 2030.

City officials say that community input and feedback are the most important things when developing this plan, and the event gave any resident the opportunity to let their voice be heard.

"What we're doing here tonight is trying to craft a 20 year vision for the community, with an implementation strategy over the next ten years," said Rickie Yeager, Development Director for the City of Parkersburg. "What we're asking folks tonight who are gathered here is to basically tell us, you know, what are some of the opportunities they see in Parkersburg, what are some of the challenges? And then let's do a little deeper dive into what we need to preserve, and what we need to change."

Officials are attempting to have a first draft of the new plan available to the public by this summer.

ORIGINAL STORY: 01/23/2020

In the past 10 years, the city of Parkersburg expanded its digital and social media reach to the public: just part of the comprehensive plan city council approved in 2011.

"Think of Hino adding jobs in South Parkersburg, think of all the new affordable housing projects going on in the community," says Rickie Yeager, Parkersburg Development Director. "But the important thing is that the plan is mandated to address certain things: community development, economic development, transportation, housing. Those things change every 10 years."

Attention now turns to the city's comprehensive plan for the new decade.

An open house is planned for next Thursday for the city and its newly-hired consulting firm to hear public comments.

"We'll have several activities for them to comment on: what are the strengths of the community, what are the weaknesses of the community?," Yeager says. "Where do they see the city going in the future? That will be the purpose of Thursday's initial meeting."

That open house is set for 6-8 P.M. January 30, at the Parkersburg Art Center.