Sherry Dugan, Tom Joyce take Parkersburg mayoral nominations

Published: Jun. 10, 2020 at 12:17 AM EDT
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It was a hot day for primary elections, but that didn't stop hundreds of Parkersburg residents from picking two familiar faces as the Republican and Democrat who will face off to be mayor in the fall.

According to unofficial results, incumbent mayor Tom Joyce won the Republican primary election. He recently told WTAP his first priority if re-elected would be to help small businesses recover after the coronavirus pandemic shut downs.

While Tuesday’s unofficial results brought Joyce a win, he’s already looking ahead to the general election.

“I'll enjoy it for the next 8 or 10 hours, but key is, we got a lot of work left to do here in the city. A lot of work left to do. We need to push hard for anything we can to do to help small businesses and all businesses recover," said Joyce.

Tom Joyce will be facing a familiar opponent this fall. Sherry Dugan won the Democratic primary to be mayor of Parkersburg. She faced Joyce in the general election four years ago.

This time around, Dugan is running a platform she calls F.I.R.E.D. U.P. which generally calls for financial responsibility, taking care of infrastructure, economic development, tackling the drug issue, and "uniting Parkersburg."

Like Joyce, she’s looking forward to the general.

“I'm very excited about moving forward and I think my opponent ran a nice campaign, and I'm very happy the democrats came together. That said it's time to take the City of Parkersburg into another direction and I'm hoping we can pull this together and get everybody behind us,” said Dugan.

Though there were several contested primary races to be on Parkersburg City Council, one of Parkersburg's more outspoken city council members was nominated by the Republican party for re-election this November.

Eric Barber, of Parkersburg's Fourth District, will be facing Democrat Wendy Tuck in the general election.

He was proud to be picked by his party again, though he says Tuck will be a tough candidate to beat.

"She's a strong candidate. She's well respected in my community and she's got the full weight of the liberal machine behind her. So, you know, it's kind of intimidating, especially when you consider how much she's been able to fundraise," said Barber.

Barber won his primary against Brett Bringardner 86 to 65.

Tuck won her primary against Donna Helmick 100 to 44.

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