"Party in the Park" at Parkersburg City Park

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"What can we do to make a difference in our community?" Dennis Raines and the Parkersburg Baptist Association asked themselves that, before planning the party in the park earlier Saturday. The change allowed community members to enjoy free food and a concert series featuring 'the Jason Lovins Band'

"Its just amazing that they've all just stepped in to say hey lets come together and do this and so I'm just honored to be a part of it" says Lovins.

In the past, these churches routinely did things on their own. Any meetings of the association just included small meals in one of the churches. This year they wanted to share a new theme, of unity and caring.

There are 30 West Virginia American Baptist churches in the Mid-Ohio Valley area that sponsored the event and were represented at the Parkersburg City Park today. "I want you working together. Because you can do together what you can't do apart. Second thing was, I want you to get out of your churches and I want you to go where the people are, I want you to do something in the community."

The outreach wanted to do its part to give back in a new way, so today the young and the old came together at the outreach, and enjoyed the live music, great weather, and bounce houses at the park."I’m an old guy trying to reach out to young, he's a young guy trying to reach out to the old. it's just a great partnership." Raines says about working with Lovins.

In its first year, Raines says this is just the beginning of what’s to come for the Parkersburg Baptist Association. "To just see this is incredible because I travel all over the country and we do this pretty much every week and this doesn’t always happen where people come together" Lovins added.