Pleasants County law enforcement receive donation of fentanyl safety kits

ST. MARY'S, W. Va. (WTAP) - Law enforcement in Pleasants County will now be more protected from fentanyl exposure thanks to a generous donation from a local business.

St. Marys Police Department accepted five fentanyl safety kits from the Allnex chemical plant in Belmont. The kit includes a chemical suit, respirator, rubber gloves, goggles and a re-sealable bag to put the substance in.

Chief Bill Stull says they're seeing more cases involving the dangerous fentanyl.

"Now it's getting to the point that before the officer even knows what he's doing, he's already involved in possible fentanyl exposure," Stull said, "before he even gets the case started."

"So with that kind of stuff arming us now the officers in the field are able to protect themselves a whole lot better against the issue of fentanyl and getting overcome by fentanyl."

Chief Stull says he's looking next to get dog vests to protect the K-9s from exposure.