"Pryce’s Project" benefits NICU and PICU patients in WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital in Morgantown

PARKERSBURG W.Va, (WTAP)- A Vienna family is using their personal experience to give back to families in unthinkably difficult situations through their new and growing program.

“We started a project called Pryce’s Project in September of 2016 after our son was born with a congenital heart defect. And when we left Morgantown’s Children’s Hospital, we felt like we wanted to give back in some way,” begins Kara Rollyson, the co-founder of Pryce’s Project.

So the couple began collecting donations for the children in WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital in Morgantown in a creative way.

“This year, and past years we have had photographers come in to take professional photos of families and their children, and in exchange for the photos, they donate toys, items, clothing items, soaps, anything you could possibly think of, we have a long list of it,” she says.

Additionally, the couple is expanding the program with donation trees where donation requests are printed on each paper ornament. This year, there is a donation tree at the First Parkersburg Church of the Nazarene and Valley Muffler.

The donations will be given to the neonatal and pediatric intensive care units at the hospital.

“We were so blessed with, between church, and family, and coworkers, and friends, we didn’t have to worry about things back home or financially ‘how are we going to have gas to see our son?’, ‘how are we going to have somewhere to stay?’, but we saw that wasn’t the case for everyone. So, we just wanted to be able to help any way we could to make their stay more normal for that circumstance,” says Rollyson.

“It’s not just about toys. There’s a need for essentials, for the parents, for the family. So it’s not just about toys, it’s not just about money, it’s a need so people can be where they need to be and not have to worry about some of the small things,” adds Derek Rollyson, co-founder of the project.

The group is accepting donations until December 19th, so you can visit the Pryce’s Project Facebook to find out how to donate.

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