Reaction to changes in West Virginia foster care

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PARKERSBURG, W. Va. (WTAP) - Earlier in the month an article was run talking about the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources plan to outsource foster care and adoption.
Since running that, we have obtained more information and reaction to the plan.
According to Steve Tuck from the Children’s Home Society of West Virginia, the plan by the state is not to outsource all foster care but only the medical and behavioral health portions run by the DHHR.
While the hope is that it will benefit the foster care process, Tuck says that they are worried it could cause issues.
“We don’t know how that will work out but that is a concern going into this that it's often been identified by some advocates and things as possibly another layer of regulation to serving the kids.”
The state plans to have the deal done with a third-party organization by January 2020.