Recycle wrapping paper and boxes, don't throw them away

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) Christmas is over.

The question now is: what to do with all of that wrapping paper?

Most people throw it in the trash without even thinking about it. But Parkersburg officials and the Wood County Solid Waste Authority say it can be recycled.

The only exception is paper that has glitter and ornaments attached to it.

And be cause much of gift wrap today is made from recycled paper products, that old wrapping paper can be the gift that keeps on giving.

"That's a large percentage of our recycled product," says Solid Waste Authority Director John Reed. "And keeping it out of landfill keeps the cost of sanitation down in Parkesburg. We'd be paying $45 a ton to throw it away , and instead, we're selling it to reprocess it into other paper goods."

Recycling bins for used paper and cardboard are located at the Parkersburg Recycling Collection Center, located at 100 24th Street in Parkersburg.

But keep this in mind: those used gift boxes, and even those previously attached bows, can also be saved and used again for years to come.