American Red Cross holds July blood drives during emergency blood shortage

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - The American Red Cross has issued an emergency blood shortage and is looking for your help to fill the need.

The organization has planned multiple blood drives over the next few weeks for people to donate their blood.

They say that they usually face low blood donor numbers in July because of vacations and fewer school blood drives.

Right now, the organization is looking for all blood types, especially O positive, O negative, A negative, and B negative.

“It really is very lifesaving because you never know when someone might need blood. It’s not an opportunity to go give blood at the time someone needs it. It has to have already been given, already been processed, tested, broken out into the different components, things like that, in order to make sure that it is on the shelf, readily available when someone needs it,” stresses Sharon Kesselring, the Executive Director of American Red Cross of Northwest West Virginia.

A lost of times and locations for upcoming blood drives can be found below.


The American Red Cross has scheduled several blood drives across the Mid-Ohio Valley during July.

“The Independence Day holiday, donor vacations and fewer school blood drives make July an especially difficult time to collect enough blood donations to meet the needs of patients,” the Red Cross said in a news release.

Anyone who donates in July is eligible to win a trip to Cedar Point or Knott’s Berry Farm. You can find more information at

In addition, eligible donors with types O, B negative or A negative blood are encouraged to make a Power Red donation. During this type of donation, red blood cells are separated from other blood components, and the plasma and platelets are returned to the donor.

Type O negative is the universal blood type and what emergency personnel reach for in trauma situations when there isn’t time to determine a patient’s blood type. Type O positive is the most transfused blood type and can be transfused to Rh-positive patients of any blood type. Types A negative and B negative can be transfused to Rh-positive or negative patients.

Following is a list of sites for upcoming blood drives:

Tuesday, July 9
Parkersburg Donor Center
3210 Dudley Avenue, Parkersburg
2– 6 p.m.
Presenting donors will receive an American Red Cross t-shirt (while supplies last).

Wednesday, July 10
Belpre Masonic Lodge
1411 Putnam-Howe Drive, Belpre
1– 6 p.m.
Presenting donors will receive an American Red Cross t-shirt (while supplies last).

Monday, July 15
Lowell Community at the Lowell Volunteer Fire Department
223 Lock Street, Lowell
1–6:30 p.m.
Blood Drive is in honor of blood recipient Judy McKarnin

Monday, July 22
Marietta Community at the Basilica of Saint Mary
506 Fourth Street, Marietta
1-6 p.m.