Revolutionary War Patriots remembered in Marietta

Published: May. 21, 2020 at 7:10 PM EDT
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The Marietta Chapter of the Ohio Society’s Sons of the American Revolution held their annual memorial service for Revolutionary War patriots of the Northwest Territory Thursday morning. Like always, it was the Thursday before Memorial Day, but due to poor weather and the coronavirus pandemic, the SAR held a small, limited service at the Meigs House in Marietta. It’s normally open to the public at Mound Cemetery.

This year, Past Marietta Chapter President Jean Yost spoke on the many Revolutionary War heroes buried in Washington County.

He said around 60 percent of southeast Ohio residents can trace their family line back to someone who served in the American Revolution. Some well-known names have traced their lineage to Washington County and the Revolutionary War.

“The Battelle Family, that gave, one of the solutions to cleaning the masks for the virus that’s going around, they traced their great grandfather back to a Mr. Battelle who lived in Newport and served in the American Revolution,” said Yost.

Yost is A Vietnam War Veteran who wants to involve more young people in groups like the SAR. He said not being able to have a ceremony for the public was hard on him.

One of the color guards at the event said he was disappointed the public couldn’t attend, but educating the public isn’t the only reason they do what they do.

“You know it’s sad the public aren’t able to participate, but we are here for the American veterans who have gone before us and for our Revolutionary War Patriots who established the foundations of our country,” said Bob Hadfield.