Ric Flair talks about recent brush with death

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA (WGCL) - WWE legend Ric Flair is back on his feet after beating a brush with death caused by an irregular heartbeat.

One week ago, Ric Flair, 70, was fighting for his life in the hospital. (Source: WGCL/CNN)

One week ago, the 70-year old was fighting for his life in the hospital. He had surgery to replace a pacemaker and remove a blood clot.

It’s the second close call for the “Nature Boy.”

He survived a bout with obstructed bowels two years ago, which forced him into a coma and nearly shut down his organs.

“All I did was think about dying. Every step you take, when you’ve been that close, and I was going out of my way to make people that I cared about understand how much I cared about them,” Flair said.

“Woo! I’ve got things to do, man. I’ve got to meet Charles Barkley," he said. "I won’t say where, but he said, ‘When you get well, I’ll meet you downtown.’ Charles, I’m on my way, brother. He’s the greatest.”

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