Right to Work law subject of Saturday town meeting

Published: Jan. 14, 2016 at 5:40 PM EST
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Right to work.

It's up for discussion for the second year in a row in the West Virginia Legislature.

And it will be discussed in Parkersburg this weekend.

This time, an auto worker and former union member is talking about it with West Virginia lawmakers.

He denies it's an anti-union issue.

Terry Bowman says what he calls a "Workplace Freedom" law is beneficial to both union workers and the Mountain State's citizens.

He says it gives workers a right to decide for themselves whether to join unions, something he says he did not have.

"I had been so tired over the years of my union dues being used for a political agenda," Bowman told us, "and being used for a social agenda that a completely and totally disagreed with, that I got to the point where I said, as many people do, that somebody has to do something."

That town meeting will be held Saturday afternoon at 1:00 at the Blennerhassett Hotel.

Union workers held a protest against the proposed law before last night's state of the state address in Charleston.

Meanwhile, the West Virginia Center for Budget and Policy released a report disputing data in a report last year by West Virginia University, said to be used by supporters of right to work laws.

The latest survey, by the Economic Policy Institute, argues right to work has no impact on the state's economy and only leads to lower worker wages.