Route 50 changes sought for safety of Doddridge County students

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DODDRIDGE COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) - Doddridge County's high school, middle school and elementary school are all located alongside U.S. Route 50.

Because of many cases of speeding in the area, Doddridge County sheriff's deputies have stationed themselves at the school when students arrive and leave in order to make sure the buses can get onto the highway safely.

"Traffic is very heavy in the morning and the afternoons. We literally shut down Route 50 in order to get the buses out, for the safety of the kids," said Deputy J.D. Snyder

The problem lies with a lack of several key safety elements.

"There's no acceleration lane for the buses to get out, or a stop light," Snyder said.

However, after a recent meeting with the Division of Highways, the sheriff's office hopes to make some changes.

"We recently met with some supervisors at DOH about possibly getting an acceleration lane or even possibly a light we could operate in the morning and the afternoon,"

Another safety suggestion the department has discussed is a reduction of the current 65 mph speed limit.

"That's another thing we suggested. If they could possibly reduce the speed limit down to 50 miles an hour, that could possibly reduce the flow of traffic,"

But until these changes are implemented, deputies say their presence has helped alleviate the problem, for now.

"The presence of us being there has helped out a lot, people see us," Snyder said.