Proposal now requires safety gear for motorized bicycles in Parkersburg

PARKERSBURG, WV (WTAP)-- Parkersburg City Council moved closer Tuesday evening to regulating motorized bicycles within the city, amending a proposed ordinance to require riders to wear a reflective vest.

The proposed ordinance does not require riders to wear helmets and have noise-reducing baffles on their bicycles as had been proposed.

It establishes penalties between $25 and $100 for violations..

Approval of the measure on final reading is still needed before it can go into effect.

In other business, council approved new rates for the city's pools, but a 30 percent reduction of the fee charged to nonprofit organizations to rent the facilities was defeated.

In addition, a program to support sidewalk replacement for commercial operations was enacted, but is not currently funded. If funded, 50 percent of the labor costs would be paid by the city.

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