Saint Marys police talk about school threats

SAINT MARYS, W. Va. A rumored threat of a school shooting at Saint Marys High School earlier this week raises concerns in the small community.

On Monday, school personnel were made aware of the alleged threat that police tell us, is not credible. But, since then the threat has spread to Facebook and other social media outlets...naming students involved.

Police then further investigated the threat and tracked down the students who's names were mentioned.

"If there was a real situation with something like that and someone turns to social media to spend the time warning everyone about it, said Chief Stull. But does not tell the staff in the school that just gives them more time to prepare to do whatever they are going to do and less time for us to get involved too."

Chief Stull says, the department takes all threats seriously and will continue investigating. There is no evidence or posed threat at this time.

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