Security plan in place for Riverfest

PARKERSBURG, W. Va. (WTAP) - Rumors of violence ahead of this past weekend's Sternwheel Festival in Marietta led to an increase in security for the event.

Although there were no issues, Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin says he will take a similar approach to this weekend's Riverfest at Point Park.

"We will have a high visible police presence at all three functions just to insure safety is our first priority. We don't have anything anticipated as far a threat to either event," said Martin.

Martin says the ultimate goal is to just have a safe weekend for all those involved.

"But this weekend is unlike any other weekend in the sense that we treat them all the same. Safety is our priority," said Martin.

Martin says events do not stop police operations no matter what's going on and they just staff appropriately for the volume of people that will be there.

"We do encourage designated drivers for any of the events that are serving alcohol typically we don't have a problem with this weekend's events, we have not had in the past. I don't anticipate any problems that may come up or pop up but if we do we'll take care of them," said Martin.

Martin says he looks forward to people coming out and having a good and safe time.

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