Senator Sherrod Brown comments on Trump's controversial tweets

Published: Jul. 20, 2019 at 5:07 PM EDT
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President Trump has been making headlines recently over his racist tweets, which attacked four congresswomen of color.

The tweets have caused several elected officials to speak out against the president's sentiments. Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio spoke with WTAP about Trump's tweets, stating that he does not understand why trump continues to attack his opponents and even some of his own staff. Brown recalled how a certain past president that he didn't always agree with, treated people.

“I remember President Bush, who I thought lied about the war in Iraq and I opposed him on privatizing Social Security and Medicare, but right after September eleventh, he went to a mosque and said the Muslims didn't attack us, terrorists attacked us, and tried to heal people. President Trump on the other hand, with his racist language and his attacks on people, is doing the opposite of healing people,” said Brown.

President Trump has stood by his statements, even saying Friday that no one should criticize the United States while he is president.