Sen. Brown discusses recent trip to southern border

Published: Jul. 21, 2019 at 5:15 PM EDT
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Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown recently went to the southern U.S. borderto look into the separation of migrant children from their families as they are detained at the border.

Brown called the policy morally bankrupt and said that his religious upbringing instructed him to go and bear witness at the border.

Brown argued that President Donald Trump thinks the idea of separating families is a good one but said he disagrees with the president.

Brown also said he was glad to see so many American families there volunteering to help the immigrants. When it comes to solving the problem at the border, however, Brown blames the president.

“Well, we could solve the problem if the president were interested in solving it," he said. "The president wants a wall and that’s it. And then attacks immigrants.”

Building a border wall has been a cornerstone of Trump’s platform since his campaign.

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