September 2019 Jan Dils' Golden Apple Award Winner: Melissia Birge

Published: Sep. 24, 2019 at 4:17 PM EDT
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Congratulations to the September, 2019 Jan Dils' Golden Apple Award winner, Melissia Birge, a fifth grade teacher at St. Mary's Catholic School in Marietta.

Birge won the award because makes it a priority to be there for all of her students. She is so patient and understanding, and remains calm regardless of the situation.

She is not just a role model in the classroom. She is always encouraging students to come out for fundraisers, and would help out with the student council.

Birge is in her second year at St. Mary's, but her 12th year as a teacher. She had taught for ten years before taking another ten years off to raise her children, and wanted to get back into teaching. She knows teaching can sometimes get the best of everyone, but she gave some advice to those who want to start teaching.

"Some days are hard, but they're always worth it," said Birge. "So, you just have to keep going and, you know, if something doesn't work the first time just keep trying. Because, you'll figure it out, and, like I said, it'll be worth it in the end."