Ohio governor highlights 'Signs of Suicide' program at Fort Frye

BEVERLY, Ohio (WTAP) On Tuesday, the Signs of Suicide program at Fort Frye High School was highlighted by Ohio Governor Mike Dewine.

This is the fourth year, the school has done the program, which is to give the students the help that they need.

Through the program, they are able to identify signs of depression and students that are at a high risk for suicide.

"Basically we acknowledge that there is a concern, we care about it and then we try to work with it," said Miranda Wilson, Fort Frye High School Psychologist. "We do a lot of follow up, which I think is the most important part of the program. It’s not just doing it, but what comes later is making sure those kids have those supports in place."

The school also has other wellness programs available to the students.

"We have L&P Services here, we have out of our 400 students, at least 100 who get services from them," said Rachael Tullius, Fort Frye High School Assistant Principal. "We have kids who have very high needs and they get the help they need through services. We have a therapeutic behavior support who can actually work with the families and go into the homes. Instead of kids leaving for counseling service, they can get it during their study hall or free period."

The school district also has a Wellness Coordinator who organizes wellness challenges for students to participate in.