Simonton Windows, Easy Rider plan partnership

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) Through an agreement between Simonton Windows and the Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority, a special Easy Rider bus will begin a daily run next week to the window manufacturers' Ellenboro plant.

The route is specifically for Simonton's employees from Wood County who have difficulty making the 30-mile trip to the plant every day.

But backers hope it can lead to an extended route for everybody.

"By us providing this link at this time, it provides the opportunity for Easy Rider to secure the funding necessary to meet those transit needs for every citizen in the region," says Simonton's Human Resources Manager, Eric Benson.

"We could have people like the Clarksburg Transit Authority maybe come and meet us there," says Transit Authority Route Manager Dave Leasure, "and be able to provide transportation from here to Clarksburg, possibly to Morgantown."

Simonton is helping to fund the project, although the transit authority is seeking federal money to expand the route.

The run will take place each morning and evening, beginning the evening of September 3.