Some problems with Washington County election

Published: Nov. 15, 2019 at 5:33 PM EST
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While voting in Washington County's November 5 election, for the most part, went smoothly, the elections board has been made aware of a few problems.

One was, at first, the incorrect type of paper used for the readout of voters' choices. That led to voters choices not printing properly.

Another was that, in one community, voters were given ballots for different races than the ones in their precincts.

Both problems were taken care of quickly, and will be addressed further for next year's elections.

"We will make sure next year, with our training, that we do a better job training our poll workers on how to correctly select the rolls of paper for the machines," said Board of Elections Director Mandy Amos. "They were put in separate bags, but perhaps they didn't have the training to know which bag to choose a roll of paper from."

The November 5 election was the first in which Washington County voters cast ballots on electronic voting machines.

The canvass for the 2019 elections, in which Tuesday's results are to be made official, is scheduled for Wednesday morning, November 20.