Spring Burning Rules for Both Ohio and West Virginia

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PARKERSBURG, W. Va. (WTAP) - In both West Virginia and Ohio there are rules for citizens to follow to be able to burn on your property. West Virginia requires you to burn from March 1st- May 31st from 5pm through 7am. While Ohio lets you burn from 6pm-6am in March- May. In both states material must be natural not including plastics or oils.

While talking to Chief Matthews of the Parkersburg Fire Department, he stated the importance of the rules: "Things that we explain to people that we are giving a permit to is that they are there for a reason we want to make sure that it is vegetation, brush, or tree limbs. That they are not burning trash or any type of building material. The main thing is that we will come out and survey to make sure the property is going to be safe where nothing is going to get out of hand."

Chief Matthews also stated that residents in Parkersburg must get a permit and adhere to the Parkersburg fire rules rather than the West Virginia rules when it comes to burning. Those outside of Parkersburg should adhere to the state rules or lookup if any local rules apply to them.

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