St. Marys native, Air Force pilot talks to students in Marietta

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Students in Washington County listened and learned from current U.S. Air Force fighter pilots, including one from right here in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

St. Marys native Ross Elder and his fighter squad, the "Flying Tigers" spoke to students at the Washington County Career Center High School Friday.

They spoke about their career paths and how hard work can lead to your dream job. They also talked about Veterans Day and what it means to serve the country from the skies.

"Being here and showing them there are options out there," Elder said, "like outside maybe the realm of what they even imagined they could do, and it's not that difficult of a ticket to be able to achieve, they just need to set their mind to it and it's something they could do."

"It just showed me how passionate they are about their job and protecting America," student Hunter Gilbert said, "and it's really inspiring that they work hard everyday to keep us safe, protect our freedom."

The squad will flying over the West Virginia University-TCU football game Saturday.