Statewide tornado drill happening in Ohio Wednesday morning

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DELAWARE COUNTY, OHIO (WCMH) - At 9:50 a.m. Wednesday, sirens will go off for the statewide tornado drill in Ohio. Delaware County emergency managers say drills like this are important.

Sean Miller, Delaware County Emergency Management Director said, "Really in the state of Ohio we can have severe weather at any time of the year. "

Which is why having a plan of action is important to practice before storms move in. So is having multiple ways to get warnings about severe weather.

"We urge residents and visitors to have several means in place because no one method is perfect. They all have their strengths and their downsides,” Miller said.

And if a siren is one of those methods, it is extra important to have a backup, especially if you are not outside.

"They are really designed to alert people that are outside to go inside and seek more information on what's going on. You want to keep a lot of that outdoor sound out of the home and that's why people that are inside already or in their cars can't reliably hear a siren. You just can't hear between those layers of you and the source of the sound,” Miller said.

Now is also a good time to review the difference between a watch, which is when conditions look likely for severe weather and a warning, which is when the event is imminent or happening now.

“When a tornado warning is issued for Delaware County, we will sound the sirens. And when a warning is issued, people should seek shelter immediately and know where to go when the sirens sound or they receive any other notification,” Miller said.

If you are at home or in a space like this it is important to put as many walls between yourself and the outside and stay out until the warning is over.