Sternwheel Festival continues

MARIETTA, Ohio The 44th annual Sternwheel Festival sailed on Saturday.

Thousands of people throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley came out for their love of boats and just to spend time with their family and friends.
Some people have made it tradition to come out every year like these three ladies.

Judy, Pam, and Marti have been meeting at the festival for over 30 years and wouldn't miss it for anything in the world. The ladies each live in different parts of the Mid-Ohio Valley. The ladies even have matching outfits for all 3 days and matching boat earrings and necklaces.

"This is called my Sternwheel family," said Judy.

They just enjoy watching the boats on the river.

"The river is part of Marietta, I keep saying that if I were to move some place that didn't have a river. I wouldn't know what to do, said Judy, Williamstown resident.

Pam said her family knows not to bother her for these three days, she goes on to say, "if no one is bleeding or on fire… don't call me."

"Next to Christmas this is my favorite time of the year," said Pam.

This year the ladies used a camper to camp out. Pam still sleeps outside in their spot to make sure they get a good seat to watch the action.

"This is just a great weekend for the entire city of Marietta, great friendships," said Pam, Marietta resident.

The ladies say their friendship has lasted a lifetime.

"The boats are very important. I have always loved the river and the committee they do such a good job and they give up a lot and work hard at making this festival what it is," said Marti, Belpre resident.

The festival is having another successful year and will come to an end Sunday.

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