Police: Stormy Daniels' 2018 arrest in Columbus was improper, but not politically motivated

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (CNN) - An Ohio police department says their arrest of Stormy Daniels last year was wrong, but it was not politically motivated.

Daniels was arrested in July 2018 at a strip club in Columbus, but the charges against her were dropped within 12 hours.

In a statement issued Friday, the department determined that the arrest, while improper, was not pre-planned for political reasons.

The statement said 19 interviews were conducted during the investigation into the incident. Investigators also reviewed 30 hours of video and 11,000 emails.

Their findings will now be turned over to the narcotics bureau and an investigative subdivision deputy chief for review.

It will be up to the deputy chief to decide whether any disciplinary actions will be taken against the officers involved in the arrest.

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